Hive Center for Contemporary Art Participates in 2019 WESTBUND with “Leng Guangmin Solo Exhibition”


Hive Center for Contemporary Art is to participate in West Bund Art and Design from 7 to 10 November 2019 with “Leng Guangmin Solo Exhibition”. Leng Guangmin will intervene by taking Booth A211 of Hive Center at the fair as a “popular” 3D spectacle, “order” will be broken and rebuilt here, and truly “playable” art will also be found in the spectacle of the booth.

Art can be viewed as elements combined in certain order. The way I see it, it’s relative whether a work of art is in “order” or in “disorder”. In a sense, art is a form of soliloquy and what an artist creates is often the product of being a smarty, so sincerity is the most basic quality of an artist. What’s paradoxical about “art” is that, if an artist doesn't have a faith in art, he won't be powerful, but once it becomes the faith for the artist, one can easily be narrow-minded and deprived of the spirit of questioning and criticizing. For an artist, only playable art is solid and lucid, otherwise he’d lose himself, which is awful for a social man.

—— Leng Guangmin

The exhibition presents Leng Guangmin’s latest paintings in 2019. To mark a new stage of his art practice, the focus of the exhibits is on the marriage between the formal language and the narrative framework. In terms of formal language, the works have been somewhat liberated from objective narrative, and are ontologically closer to the art of painting per se with more romantic touch. For example, his Undercurrent highlights the transparency of water and glass and depicts a current from the space of red to the space of green in the narration of “flowing”, hence the entanglement of factors in several aspects. As to the materials, some pieces employ paint spraying as an auxiliary approach, in an  attempt to achieve certain modeling with different textures. Such is the artist’s new experiment in the exhibits, one example being his Hidden Structure: KQ.

The exhibition tells of the consumption of material and the movement of energy with “entropy” as the narrative clue, which also represents Leng Guangmin’s view on art. “Entropy”, a concept in physics, means a state of ever-growing disorder and implies a spontaneous development of things from order to disorder. Art, however, is a process of creating “order”. Strictly, being spontaneous is not necessarily disorder, and art in order not necessarily smart. In a word, the artist intervenes in a “popular spectacle” to break the original “order” on the one hand, and, on the other, he tries to do away with “human traces” to make the new order natural in appearance.


Hive Center for Contemporary Art Participates in 2019 WESTBUND with “Leng Guangmin Solo Exhibition”

DATE: Nov 07 - Nov 10, 2019



ARTIST: Leng Guangmin