Folds of the infra-fade



Artist:Liang Quan

Curator:Dr. Xia Kejun

Exhibition Director:Tong Juanjuan

Producer:Xia Jifeng

Duration:11thMay-11thJune, 2013

Organizer:Hive Center for Contemporary Art

Address: E06, 798 Art Zone, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Rd., Changyang District, Beijing, China



On behalf of Hive Center for Contemporary Art, We have the honor to claim thatFold of the Infra-Fade: the Solo Exhibition of Liang Quanwill open on May 11th2013. As the essential exhibition of HCCA's annual Neo Water-inkProject, it will last to June 11th2013. Liang Quan, the representative abstract ink painter, is featured for his uniquecollagestechniqueusing dyed rice paper. Abandoned traditional painting methods and theories, Liang constructs a rational and undemonstrative visual world to philosophize the meaning of Zen.


Liang Quan’s perceptual pattern draws on the method of showing emptiness by dedicated details. His participations: the accurate control towards water and ink, overlaying and adjusting of color areas, and using blank to replace coloring all aim to create a polyphonic and poetic sense.


We can conclude his characteristics of art practices: First, he evolves the methodology from western abstract and Japanese mono-ha to naturalized fractal geometry to illustrate ink painting’s traits which contain an affluent inter-relation between blank and surface. Second, He endows his works a strong sense of mental vitality. Third, Liang reconstructs the aesthetic style of intellectuals which glorifies the ultimate realm of isolation and flatness to ease the excessive diffusion of consumerism.


The base color tone of Liang Quan’s works which will exhibit in Hive Center for Contemporary Art is sandy, echoing the inter-response between water and tea as a metaphor of Yin and Yang to record the ode to fading and surviving. Liang Quan uses the blank to nourish the life with a poetic expression and modest attitude. Also, Liang also makes magnificent contribution to neo ink painting for his methodology of reverse-deconstructivism.  



Folds of the infra-fade

DATE: May 11 - Jun 11, 2013


CURATOR: Xia Kejun

ARTIST: Liang Quan