Li Ping: Insights into Grotesque


Li Ping: Insights into Grotesque



 Artist:  Li Ping

 Curator: Zhao Xiaodan


 Opening2017.11.4 16:00

 Exhibition Dates11.4 - 12.10.2017



 Hive Center for Contemporary Art (Shenzhen)


 1-5 Block A4,North Zone OCT, ,Nanshan District, 518053 Shenzhen, China





Hive Centre for Contemporary Art (Shenzhen) is pleased to announce the opening of “Li Ping: Insights into Grotesque” on 4th Nov. 2017. It’s the artist’s second solo exhibition in cooperation with Hive. Both the “Insight into Grotesque” series in this show and the “New Substance” series displayed in 2015 are originated from the idea of extending “object”—the carrier and feature of minimalist painting; what’s different is that “Insight into Grotesque” can be dated back to his visual experience of observing the monster images in medieval buildings when he studied in Italy years ago. He distilled the elements of “image” when studying the pattern of medieval monster thinking, which can also be caught by viewers from his new works.

One of the reasons why he implants “image” in his new works is his concern for the tendency where minimalist painting that is supposed to be “geometry”-based has become increasingly formalized. After reflecting on this and his own practice, he makes such a transition. To a certain extent, “image” is figuratively connotative, and when being presented in an abstract mind, it lays a particular emphasis on what’s inside the painting form and the related aesthetic experience.

Specifically, the video work showcased in this exhibition manifests the constant line running through his artistic practice, and tells of his exploration in form made in the “New Substance” series through the performance of light and shadow, the patchwork of wood panels and the combination of pure colors. The other works also depart from this very point, link the problems to be rendered in his new works—like the boundaries between lines and objects, the shapes of colors under rational control and the individual imagination, etc., and try to generate more possibilities of perceiving through these problems.







Li Ping: Insights into Grotesque

DATE: Nov 04 - Dec 10, 2017

ADDRESS: 1-5 Block A4,North Zone OCT, ,Nanshan District, 518053 Shenzhen, China

CURATOR: Zhao Xiaodan