Spuerfluous Things No.2: Lu Zhenyuan



Artist:Lu Zhengyuan

Curator:Dai Zhuoqun

Exhibition Director:Tong Juanjuan

Producer:Xia Jifeng

Duration:11thMay-11thJune, 2013

Organizer:Hive Center for Contemporary Art

Address: E06, 798 Art Zone, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Rd., Changyang District, Beijing, China



As the second round of the long-term art project:Superfluous Thing,Lu Zheng Yuan Solo Exhibitionwill launch in May 11th2013 and last to June 11th. This exhibition presents a full extent of artist's photography works in recent periods. Via the manifestation of perceptive synthesis towardsundetectablefacts,he showsa rational and absurd relationship between mediocre concepts and material existence.


In the early practice, Lu used to create an art work everyday continuously in 100 day. The sensitive observation to commonplace objects has become the most personal characteristicof Lu's art. In the viewers' angle, it seems that his practice is always covered by confusing mist. Whateverwe encounter in daily life can betranslatedinto his art objects. There is no denying that it does be the very essential core of Lu's art concept. Artist fixes the gap between art and being, enlarging the content of art and uncovering the meaning hidden behind surviving.


In a work namedTemperature, Lu warms a part of a desk which is seen as the final outcome of his work, fleeting and invisible. In another workThe Moon in Room, Lu illuminates the room by a man-made moon shown in PC screen.Besides,Driftdemonstrates a scene that the golden pigment being sprayed in the field under sunlight. In those cases, we can grasp the purposeand interest which Lu indulgesin: playing with the ambiguity on the edge of metaphysical concept and realistic existence. We can comprehend this clue more clearly in other work namedLie, a final vision combines theauthenticflowers and fruits with faked ones. Here, Lu discusses the paradox of abstract concepts and concrete objects. Usually, a set concept comes up in our mind rather than a specific object when we hear the word “apple”. A man-made one is fake but real in the concept; a nature one is real but in paradoxical way.


Going through hiscontinuous translation and echo, artist is managing to achieve a deeper understand of material objects. In fact, it is the path leading us to confront ourselves, to reach the ultimate state of art.



Spuerfluous Things No.2: Lu Zhenyuan

DATE: May 11 - Jun 11, 2013


CURATOR: Dai Zhuoqun

ARTIST: Lu Zhengyuan