The Pivot - Between the Orient and Occident: Xie Yan Solo Exhibition


Artist: Xie Yan

Curator: Cong Tao

Opening: 4:00 pm, 31st Dec., 2015

Exhibition Dates: 31st Dec.2015. - 2nd Mar.2016


Hive Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of The Pivot -Between the Orient and Occident: Xie Yan Solo Exhibition on 31st Dec. The exhibition is curated by Cong Tao and will last until 2nd Mar.2016


Xie Yan has transcended the previous presentation of Chinese traditional landscapes in oil in his recent landscape creations, and been working on the materials, hence his integration of the two mediums, oil paint and ink, into a style mode with quite a flavor of the modern form, Xie was raised in a good environment of traditional Chinese painting, as his father and sister are noted artists respectively of figure painting and flower-and-bird painting. Soaked in such an environment day by day, he has found the undying pleasure of expressing his serenity and joy inside in the pure language of ink; in those landscape works with a flavor of the modern form, the quality of lines and the detailing of colors both show his mastery of the mediums of traditional Chinese painting.


With the practical experience of both traditional Chinese painting and oil painting, Xie Yan is often vividly regarded as “a walker of two legs” on the exploratory journey to the integration of materials. Nevertheless, the familiarization of materials is just the basis, Xie Yan’s ability of freely transforming and integrating the painting materials of China and the West, on the one hand, benefits from the incessant remedial learning of many artists since the 1980s, and, on the other, depends on his adoption of an open and tolerant attitude to absorbing from different art traditions the resources suitable for his artistic ideal naturally, instead of being obsessed with the serious responsibility for culture under the influence of some particular social and historical context. Such a contemporary attitude results from the gradual influence of informationization and commercial civilization in the twenty-first century; after the disenchantment and the enlightenment, contemporary people have a far greater ability to accept heterogeneous cultures and new things than before. In such an attitude, the barriers between the East and the West are of no significance, and what an artist would pay attention to is just how to find the effective approach to perfectly expressing his own living and aesthetic experience, so attention is rationally paid to the mediums or materials per se.


Back to Xie Yan’s recent landscape works out of the quest for the integration of Western oil paint and Chinese ink, it’s not necessary to bother whether they are Eastern or Western, traditional Chinese painting or oil painting; what they represent is just the contemporary attitude of the artist, a peaceful and open mind that leaps beyond the past barriers between Eastern and Western cultures, traditional and modern cultures, and focuses on the expression of personal aesthetic experience.


Xie Yan

1993      Graduated from Middle Fines Arts School Affiliated to China Central Academy of Fine Arts

1997      Graduated from NO.2 Studio of Oil Painting Department, Central Academy of   Fine Arts    in Beijing, BA

2012      Graduated from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, MA

Now works and lives in Beijing


Solo Exhibitions

2015      The Pivot - Between the Orient and Occient: Xie Yan Solo Exhibition , Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2007—2008 Ideal·Image, solo exhibition tour in Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur


Group Exhibitions

2015      The Fourth Ink Color Melody Exhibition, Southeast Gallery, Dalian, China

  The Fifth Ink Color Melody Exhibition, Serenity Coast Art Museum, Sanya,   China

 Joint Exhibition of Chinese and South Korean Ink Painting Masters’ Works, National  Assembly Building of Korea, Seoul, ROK

The Temperature of History – CAFA and Chinese Representational Oil Paintings, China Art Museum, Shanghai; Jinling Art Museum, Nanjing; Imperial Ancestral Temple, Beijing

2014      Colorful Guizhou, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

The First Ink Color Melody Exhibition, Delights Art Gallery, Zhuhai, China

The Second Ink Color Melody Exhibition, Art Museum of China Cultural Media  Group Limited, Beijing, China

The Third Ink Color Melody Exhibition, Project ONE, Changzhou, China

2013      Inheritance and Innovation: Joint Exhibition for the Teachers from the Middle Fine    Arts School Affiliated to CAFA, Beijing, China

             Colorful Guizhou –Masters of Fine Arts Visiting Guizhou: Chinese Artists Association Large-Scale Creational Activity of Painting from Life, NAMOC, China

             Carrousel du Louvre Salon International Art Exhibition, the Louvre, Paris, France

            “In Pursuit of the Chinese Dream”: Grass-Roots Sketching Creational Trip Retrospective Exhibition, Exhibition Hall of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Beijing, China

2011      “Academic Spirit” Annual Exhibition, China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China

 Joint Exhibition of Eight, Beijing Artists Association, Beijing, China

2010      “Academic Spirit” Annual Exhibition, China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China

     Joint Exhibition of Five, Luxembourg

2009      “Academic Spirit” Annual Exhibition, China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China

              Joint Exhibition of Five, Luxembourg Embassy, Beijing, China

2005      Asian Young Artists, Seoul, ROK

2003      Qingdao Art Fair Thematic Exhibition, Futai Convention and Exhibition Center, Qingdao, China

             “Entering the Northwest”, NAMOC, Beijing, China

1997      CAFA Graduation Exhibition, CAFA, Beijing, China


The Pivot - Between the Orient and Occident: Xie Yan Solo Exhibition

DATE: Dec 31, 2015 - Mar 02, 2016

ADDRESS: E06,798 Art Zone, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China